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Data centres help run our world, but most people don’t even know what they are!

Kao Data is a company that owns and runs data centres near London. We’ve set up the Kao Academy to help young people learn more about these buildings and how they impact our everyday lives.

Here you can find out what data centres are and why they’re so important, help crunch “big data” in our online game and download and build your own model data centre!


What are data centres?

And why are they so important?

The world we live in today is increasingly reliant on data - with computers and digital devices all around us - at school, work and play. Every time you use the Internet, send a text, look up a football score, do a Zoom call, or play Minecraft, you are using information (data) that is stored on computers called servers.

These servers are housed in big, strong, secure buildings – superhero buildings - called data centres. They provide huge amounts of data storage and computing power, and allow superfast connections between computers.

Data centres keep the computers that power our world up and running.

Data Centre

Find out more...

How we built Kao Data - in 2½ minutes!

Data centres are superhero buildings - here's why!

Game image

Help us crunch 'Big Data'

How quickly can you match different data?

Data centres store and process massive amounts of information (data), of all different types. Play the game and see what level you can get to!

Build a data centre!

Download this booklet to build your own model just like Kao Data

The booklet includes easy-to-follow instructions and templates for you to build a model data centre, plus a word search and some mind-boggling facts about data centres to wow your friends and family!

You’ll just need some paper or card, a printer, scissors and glue. When your construction is complete, send us a picture to kaoacademy@kaodata.com

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